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Penetration Test

Penetration Testing to Keep Your Network Safe From Intruders

Penetration Testing Security Services

Provided by Maintenance One Performance, Inc.

Maintenance One Penetration Testing Provides Your Business With

Network Penetration Test

Network Testing

Your firewall and network must be tested at least once per year. Network updates and changes require testing as well.

Hardware Penetration Test

Hardware Testing

Hardware on the network needs to be tested periodically. Software updates can create new vulnerabilities.

Software Penetration Test

Software Testing

Software needs periodic testing to check for code injection attacks and other vulnerabilities. All updates require testing.

Cloud Penetration Test

Cloud Testing

Cloud services require periodic testing for vulnerabilities and protection from Internet attacks.

IOT Penetration Test

IOT Testing

IOT devices and networks need to be tested periodically. Ensure your devices are not vulnerable to attacks.

24 Hours 7 Days Support

24 X 7 support

Maintenance One Performance, Inc. is available through the STAR help desk 24-hours a day 7-days a week.

Security Services Designed to Protect Your Business

Securing your business is more than setting-up firewalls, VPNs, and passwords. Protecting your business and the data that you produce must be a mindset. The culture of your business must include the steps each employee takes in a combined effort to reduce the chances of becoming a victim. .

Cybercrime is not equal. A criminal may gain access to a list of your customers. That list is valuable on the black market. Another criminal may gain access to credit card numbers belonging to your customers. That list is also valuable; however, it also opens you up to liability. Maintenance Once Performance Security Services is designed to identify the security vulnerabilities in order to gain access to your network. Our services then tests your hardware, servers, cloud services, and any additional access points such as Wifi.

When our Penetration Testers have completed a scan of your network and devices, we will provide you with a comprehensive report with details of what we have discovered. You are then empowered to contact your own Information Technology provider to resolve any issues or hire Maintenance One Performance, Inc. Our staff will use the Penetration test result report to advise you on the options that you have in order to increase your security.

With security being a mindset, we want to remind you that performing a penetration test is not a single event. We offer network monitoring devices to help identify traffic that may be a threat to your network. In addition, when you upgrade hardware or software, it is important to have a security specialist test the device(s) to ensure that a new vulnerability has not been introduced. Our security team is dedicated to providing you with expert service. Our commitment to you includes our on-going training designed to improve our skills year over year. We thank you for the opportunity to help guard you against becoming a victim.